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Our Services

Midex is active in the field of Human Resources, has proven Business Analysis competence and demonstrated Interim Management capabilities.
Moreover, we have designed or adapted Operating Models for customers in various sectors.
Finally, we can help your personnel grow through getting them to the next level in Business English and Dutch.

Human Resources
Business Analysis Interim Management

With a long experience in Global HR Management, we are able to provide you a full range of HR services, including, but not limited to:

  • HR management

  • HR processes and policies : creation, implementation, redesign

  • HR hard skills

  • HR change management : personal and organizational change

We help you create the perfect communication between your business and IT services through a comprehensive analysis.
  • Understanding your needs

  • Review business processes

  • Gap analysis

  • Identify and document solutions

  • Recommendations for the TO BE solution

  • Workshop facilitation

In critical need of an experienced manager?
We provide you with the necessary experience from Board Level to N-1 and N-2. An Interim Manager can quickly adapt and is immediately operational.
  • Usually over-qualified

  • Extensive multi-sector experience

  • Quick and efficient delivery

  • Knowledge remains in your hands

  • Skills are transferred to you

Operating Models
Languages Teaching Translations

When strategic decisions are taken that transform your business, an adequate operating model needs to be put in place to reach maximum efficiency. 

We help you :

  • Define new operating models

  • Transfrom or streamline the existing model

  • Adapt your processes and procedures

Some of your staff do possess exceptional business skills but lack some communication means in a foreign language.

As experienced consultants, we know what they need to express themselves in their daily operational or managerial business.

Therefore, our lessons are tailor-made to your needs: business conversations, meeting management, written business communication.

We provide translations from English and Dutch to French at a very competitive rate of 0.11 cents a word. For very technical translations, depending on the domain, the rate will vary between 0.12 and 0.15 cents a word

Do not hesitate to contact us for more information ! 

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